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F**k buddies on F**ebook

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There are only two media forms that have an insanely high rate of WTFs per minute. Obviously, The Daily WTF is one of them. Rediff is the other one.

I present you this piece of evidence to prove my point [1]. It is an article in which a delightful young lady shares her thoughts [2] about her latest movie.

Evidence 1: The title – “People can relate to ‘f**k’ buddies”. ThisĀ  has multiple WTFs embedded in various levels. Firstly, people can relate to what? Can they also relate to thumb s**king Oompa-Loompas? Secondly, what’s with the letter masking? It’s not even a valid regular expression! If you are trying to find all four letter words beginning with f and ending with k, use ^f[a-z][a-z]k$. What the fuck is f**k?

Evidence 2: The quote – If you keep on reading the article mindlessly like I did, you would encounter the following lines.

Relationships are quite complicated these days. People want their own space and freedom. Ishaan has taken the help of Facebook, which solves people’s problems.

Earlier, we had the hero’s or heroine’s best friend, who would try and bring the couple together. In Radio, Facebook plays that best friend. That’s what pulled me to the story. The concept of Facebook is very today and everybody can relate to it.

Rediff, are you sure it’s not F**ebook? Also, Facebook solves what? On the contrary, Facebook is known to ruin relationships and cause wreck. Facebook is not a concept. Search engines, networking websites and f**k buddies are concepts. Google, Facebook and the heroine of the movie are implementations of those concepts [3].

Final evidence: The comments – I swear, I am not making this shit up. The image below is an actual snapshot of a few comments on this article. Interestingly, they are in increasing levels of WTF. Just to make things clear, I am *not* one of these people.

I rest my case.

[1] About Rediff, not The Daily WTF.

[2] Thoughts might be a little exaggeration. They are a more primitive form of brain waves that are emitted by homo sapiensĀ  lagging behind the evolution curve.

[3] Respectively, I should add.


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December 1, 2009 at 7:22 am

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#Can’t #Stop #Scratching #Itch

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#Have #to #tag #everything. #Otherwise #I #will #die #of #non-obsession. #Awesomeness. #Peace. #WOOT!

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December 1, 2009 at 6:17 am

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